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EposPro-online ordering system gives takeaways and restaurants the ability to increase sales and expand their business by giving customers the facility to order food online.

Your customers can order food from your website and choose when they need it to be delivered or collected, it is a simple, fast and convenient food ordering system giving you an edge over the competition at an affordable price. Internet has seen a tremendous growth in terms of coverage and awareness. So giving your business an online presence has become very crucial and important. With EposPro-online ordering system, we will set up your restaurant/takeaway menu online and the customers can easily place order with a simple mouse clicks. Also with EposPro-online you will maintain customer's database which you can use to send them special offers and promotions. When customers place an order they can pay using credit card or cash on delivery, the order will then be automatically saved and printed out in your shop.
















Customers can order without long hold times, lengthy on-holds, or busy signals eliminating frustration, place orders in advance even if the restaurant is closed, review the menu in detail while leisurely taking their time to order, and be assured of order accuracy. The restaurant also benefits by amassing superior marketing data, the ability to send targeted advertising messages to online customers at no cost, a reduction in staff to answer phones and take orders, the elimination of incorrect orders, increased customer loyalty and return business, and a dramatic elevation in customer satisfaction.

The restaurant/takeaway industry is becoming more crowded and customers are demanding additional services. Many restaurants are responding to customers by adding the convenience of online ordering. Online ordering is one vehicle that has proven itself in customer approval and satisfaction.

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