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Order 4


EposPro Setup program is used by the business manager and system administrator to set up the system, enter company information, and to design the menu used by iTouch order entry program.

Order 3


The highly intuitive consolidated order entry screen eliminates the endless navigation between the different screens, which makes order taken quick and fun.

Order 2


EposPro Order Entry program is designed to be used by touch screen monitors, as well as keyboard and mouse. It is used for taking deliveries, Collections, in-shop and Eat-In orders

Guided Tour


This will show some features of the system (i.e. assigning drivers, showing the directions on the map, managing driver payments etc.

This will show some more features of the system (i.e. finding and editing customer records, adding notes to customers etc.)

Order 6


EposPro offers an advanced point-of-sale solution that increases restaurant efficiency while helping you maximize the life and value of your investment. .

Order 5


EposPro Setup will run on a single terminal and will be included with every copy of iTouch, so it can be run from any terminal at any time.EposPro Setup provides a simple and user friendly interface for modifying all menu and configuration options in a single location.

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